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Rescue Kitchen Program: Feeding Phuket

On 26th September, the SOS Thailand Phuket branch and Koh Kaew Municipality in Phuket organizing one of the biggest ever SOS Rescue Kitchen program, providing meals for almost 15 communities. They cooked 4,800 Kgs of food and served 20,000 nutritious meals to elderly people, children, people with disabilities, low-income people, migrant workers, and those that are badly affected by the Covid-19 Situation in Koh Keaw Subdistrict.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Phuket is harshly hit by the pandemic due to the disappearance of foreign tourists and state quarantine. With the long period of disease control, the hotel and tourism industry in Phuket are drastically failing without any support. Phuket people starting to lose their jobs while the income and resources became dwindling. Scholars of Sustenance in Phuket also received greatly the effect of the pandemic due to the majority surplus donation came from the hotel industry and restaurant, hence we have to adapt the program into SOS Rescue Kitchen Program, to support the community with the support they extremely needed.

This is by far the biggest feeding program. Our SOS Food Rescue Manager, Jack, has done in Phuket since we launched our Rescue Kitchen Program last July. With many volunteers who helped in cooking, preparing, and distributing yesterday, they made this program a successful one. Thanks to some of our donors also who contributed some cooking oil, coconut milk, gas, juice, and green bean sauce plus lending us gas stoves and big cooking pots. Thank you for helping us feed so many people!!