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Sino-Pacific Trading (Thailand) Contributed 14,612 meals to Remote Communities in Thailand

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of help and support that were once focused on remote communities are now distributed towards Bangkok and other major districts in Thailand. Therefore the SOS Organization has gathered volunteers to establish the Remote Community Food Program which aims to bring food supplies to people living in the countryside to ease their doubts and hardships.


SOS would like to thank Sino-Pacific Trading (Thailand) for their kind donations! A total of 14,612 meals cooked up from surplus food were distributed through our Remote Community Food Program to the elevated places of Bladae Village in Mae Song Subdistrict, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province. People living in these areas did not receive enough amount of help since their locations were difficult to travel to. However, SOS did try our very best to access the place and distribute food for those in need!


In order to continue this heartening deed again for locals residing in other provinces, we would like to encourage you to donate food ingredients, daily supplies, and many others more. Your help will most likely be appreciated by many people which is a beneficial thing for both you and them!

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