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Regenerative and Recovery Future

10.12.2022 | True Digital Park, Sukhumvit 101

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Recapping "Change for a Better Future" | ZERO SUMMIT 2021

ZERO Summit 2021 offered 3 knowledge-sharing sessions and 1 workshop activity. Each session was brimmed with experts and specialists in their field. Here are the quick takeaway for each session!!

Miss our event? Download the event report Here!

Systematic Approach on Food Waste Prevention Discussion

The unrevealed successful story of food waste prevention cooperation between partners and SOS, the first food rescue foundation in Thailand, is disclosed here for all participants who want to know how we systematically prevent surplus food from becoming food waste.  This panel talks about a systematic approach to food waste prevention. All panelists shared the same concern that there should be more organizations with their aims and operations like SOS because of the lack thereof, the problem of food waste can never truly be extinguished.

Encoring the motion for
necessary steps toward better Thailand

ZERO SUMMIT 2022 is a sustainable summit focusing on two pillars: Food Waste and Food Insecurity. Scholars of Sustenance Foundation would like to encore our mission and encourage you to join us in taking all necessary steps to REGENERATING and RECOVERING. Join us to learn on how can Thailand take a progressive step towards a sustainable society by 2030!

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Regenerating Future

Sustainability and Circular practices are no longer sufficient for the world’s environment. Humanity has spent so much of our natural resources more than we can sustain the current demand. For the future generation to thrive, we must find a way to regenerate new resources, practices, knowledge, and innovation, and recover what we have used in the past. Join us in learning from the industry experts and key opinion leaders from food and non-profit industries on how to achieve such an ambitious goal!

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Key Activities

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Event Schedule

8.30 - 9.00: Registration

9.00 - 9.45: Event Prelude and Opening Ceremony 
9.45 - 11.00: Panel 1: Decoding the Food Bank Initiative, a lesson to learn for Thailand

11.00 - 12.15: Panel 2: Systematizing Food Surplus Donation, a solution for sustainable development

12.15 - 13.30: Lunch Break
13.30 - 14.45: Panel 3: Regenerative Food and Innovative Youth Forum

14.45 - 16.00: Panel 4: Post Covid-19 Recovery for Food Services and Communities
16:00 - 16:30: Scholars of Sustenance Award Announcement

16:30 - 16:45: Break and Networking Session

16:45 - 18.15: Surplus Cooking Demonstration

18.15 - 18.30: Closing Ceremony
18.30 - Onwards: Networking Session

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Panel 1

Decoding the Food Bank Initiative - A lesson to learn for Thailand

Foodbank is a common buzzword in making an effort to relieve hunger in the world. But how can we establish an effective and efficient foodbank in Thailand? This panel will help us understand what does it really take to create a food bank and explore all potentials for Thailand to set up its first national food bank in the country. This panel will allow NGOs, Government and international agencies to explain why food banks are so important and share their knowledge of creating them. Our speakers will share their success and challenges, using it for Thailand to learn as it prepares to establish the foodbank soon!



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Craig Nemitz

Asia Pacific Field Services Director, The Global Food Banking Network

Dr. Chung Moo Sung

Visit Limlurcha

Vice President, Korea National Council on Social Welfare

Korea Foodbank

Vice Chairman, The Thai Chamber of Commerce

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Wonnop Visessanguan

Executive Director, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

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Sanon Wangsrangboon

Deputy Bangkok Governor, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)

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Panel 2

Systematizing Food Surplus Donation - A Solution for Sustainable Development

Food manufacturers and retailers will come together to share their experiences of seeing food surplus as a resource and working to normalize food rescue in their industry. SOS will share how we work with partners to systemize food surplus donation and management, following strict food safety protocols, to redirect food waste from manufacturers and retailers to underprivileged communities in the form of nutritious meals. They have great potential and power to transform the food system and rescue food surplus from landfill. Hear from experts as they share their experience working with Scholars of Sustenance Thailand.


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Dan Pathomvanich

Ponglada Paniangwet

Chief Executive Officer,

NR Instant Produce PCL

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Freshket

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Dr. Siriporn Pipatsattayanuwong Chua

General Manager & Founder, Innofresh

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Roongchat Boonyarat

Walairat Apinainad

Chief Executive Officer, Malee Group

Corporate planning  General Manager, AEON (Thailand) Co.,Ltd (Max Value Supermarket)


Panel 3

Regenerative Food and
Innovative Youth Forum

Scholars of Sustenance Foundation believe in the younger generation's effort and passion in sustainability activities as well as food system innovation that seek to create the new pathway in the current food system. This panel houses a collection of innovative young minds to discuss how we can make food systems more sustainable and what the future of the sustainability industries will be. A case study that will prove that it is possible to do it.


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Supaluck Bunditkul

Global Business Development Director, Flying Spark Thailand

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Santi Abakaz

CEO, Co-Founder, Tastebud Lab and Future Food Network

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Pattaraporn Salirathavibhaga

Charee Boonyavinij

Co-Founder, Homeland

Founder, Uncle Ree's farm

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Ittikorn Thepmani

Circular Economy Officer, Laika

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Surplus Cooking Demonstration

Our very own Food Rescue Ambassadors will present great chefs from Scholar of Sustenance’s partner hotels with rescued surplus food. The challenge? Use these quality ingredients to create the best dish. This competition not only tests the talent of these chefs, but demonstrates the process of SOS’s daily operations, rescuing surplus food and turning it into tasty, nutritious meals. 

Chefs Representatives

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