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As a Food Rescue Foundation we had never organized an event of this scale before and were all nervously excited to make it happen! After 2 months of work and MUCH anticipation the event finally happened and we couldn't be more happy and amazed with the results.

On the day itself, on November 25, the conditions were perfect, as if the island itself knew what we were doing and was showing us its support. 63 absolute legends from all over the world joined the event and paddled the impressive 10km from Pantai Jerman (Kuta) to Old Mans (Canggu) gliding across the pristine waters with a burning passion and a smile.

Together we managed to raise a astonishing 900 MILLION IDR (so far), all of which will be used to help provide the people who need it most with Valuable nutrition and hope. We are honored to have been able to facilitate The Million Meals Paddle and wouldn't have been able to do so without the support from so many amazing people, sponsors, organizations and participants.

Donations are still open so if you want to join our efforts and support the people of Bali just head on over to any of the Paddlers Donorbox pages or to the Event Page on our website.






A paddle race to give desperately needed nutrition to the vulnerable communities around Bali. The race is essentially an opportunity for surf enthusiasts across the island to give back to Bali through their courageous commitment to paddle across the island from Tuban or the surf break Airports to Batu Bolong, Canggu or Oldmans.




Anggara Putra

Age: 33

Country of Residency: Indonesia

Board Category: Longboard

My name is Anggara and I was born and raised in Bali/Sanur. I have always been passionate about the ocean, I love fishing and surfing and have been working as a surf instructor for many years now. My company is called "Surf Melali" and everyone who knows me knows my motto: #neverendingfun! It hasn't been as much fun lately though, Covid has hit my home island hard. My business depends on tourists, the past eight months haven't been easy for me and my family - like for many others no tourists means no income. I hope that many of my friends will support me in this campaign so we can raise money for the Balinese communities in need. I am doing this paddle for my kids, my family and all people living on the island of Bali. We are in this together, let's stick together as a community and support each other as much as we can. Thanks for supporting me and the people in my home, Bali!

Sunset Surfing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we remain vigilant in keeping up with government rules and regulations and if they are too change we have a contingency plan in place to run the event without the gathering of participants.