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Scholars of Sustenance | CEO Statement, July 2020

Who to serve?

We at Scholars Of Sustenance have a new challenge with COVID-19. Not only have our traditional surplus food sources dried up and we have to find alternative arrangements to get ample foods, we partner with new donors and agencies, we established new food programs, and now we have established SOS rescue kitchens in both our countries. We create thousands of wonderful nutritious meals every single day, but who do we distribute them to? Our traditional recipients, while still very much in need of our nutritional boosts, are not necessarily the most needy now. The corona virus crisis has thrown us all for a loop and we now struggle to find the most needy people. Two of our locations (Phuket and Bali) are islands, depending on the hospitality industry, now closed. When 80% of the population works in related industries and 80% of them lose their jobs, we have hunger! 

So the truly needy is now a moving target. Every day we see it changing, and the degree of desperation can be hard to differentiate….. so we work with government organizations to maximize the benefit from our distributions. However, now that we provide multiples of the tons of food we did prior to the crisis and we cook thousands of meals every day, getting the nutrition into the right peoples mouths is a challenge, but even bigger is paying for it all. We have great food donors and have lately served nutritious meals from our kitchen cooked with Wagyu beef …a real treat. Yet this not just about taste, as we want to serve  good food to help immune systems withstand the virus. This, now we have to purchase most of the ingredients. We are good at that as we are the food rescuers, so we can buy food about to expire and our food hygienists inspects all, but it still costs a lot. 

So watch as we launch our food campaigns, give generously, volunteer to cook, and help us get more long term nutrition to the hungry during this crisis. COVID is here to stay for a while and we need all the help we can get to feed as many as possible.