SOS Phuket! Fish Rescue

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, most of the restaurant and hotels chains have to stop their normal operation which break the whole food supply chain. This major problem happens everywhere in the world including Thailand. Most of the cases we have seen so far were about the disruption from farms to the markets, but we couldn’t neglect the issue occurring at the oceans as well...

30 tonnes of sea-bass in the South of Thailand were oversupplied. Scholars of Sustenance in Phuket collaborated with Tesco Lotus in Songkhla to rescue all the fishes to be sold at supermarket and redistributed 1 ton of over-sized sea-bass to local charities and communities in need.

Good surplus food shouldn’t be wasted, especially these fishes – noting is wrong about them but just too many. As our mission is to serve nutritious food to improve food equity, we’re happy to see that the communities could effectively turn surplus fishes into high-quality meals which have enough protein for everyone. Big thanks to Tesco Lotus for helping our local fishermen and communities during this hard time and support our mission!


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