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SOS (TH) is Being Recognized by The Global Foodbanking Network for The Emergency Relief Adaptation

GFN recognized Scholars of Sustenance Thailand - SOS Thailand as its member that adapted when our usual food supply was disrupted by the pandemic.

Whether it be the epidemic crisis, an unexpected disaster or the problem of food scarcity of people which may be caused by inaccessibility to food, creating a '#foodbank is one of the ways to solve problems in times of hard economic impact. By creating food security, it will help people facing hardship to save some of their expenses. This way, they can have some savings to support and heal their economic wound until they can set themselves up better in the long run. . SOS is moving forward to develop the establishment of a food bank in Thailand. We are now one of the official members of The Global FoodBanking Network, together with members in more than 44 countries around the world. Currently, our main operation is to be a unit that collects surplus food for distribution to the community and the people who need it.

It can be said that in this situation the establishment of a food bank can be the main project for solving the problem of domestic food waste while reducing food scarcity in the country as well. Furthermore, at the same time, it can be another solution that helps drive the BCG economy in the country's industry. . Although now we still o not have a proper space to store large surplus food donations, the SOS team has created a system for transferring surplus food from market mechanisms and handing it to the needy using the logistics system. And we have worked with strength and stability for more than 5 continuous years. SOS has a strong relationship with major food companies that provide food donations. We also have a storage system and insight management for both food quantity and community. We have been standing side by side with brothers and sisters who have been affected by this covid crisis. . Therefore, we want you all to follow and support us in driving systemic change in sustainability development together.

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