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SOS Thailand Immediately Extended the Support to Construction Camp Sites That Were Sealed Off

The announcement of the Government at the beginning of July to seal off the construction camps for 1 month has truly affected so many people who work on a daily contract. Some Thai workers can still return to their hometown during this time, but there are still many of them who have nowhere to go because they came from far away places. Many construction companies are struggling to maintain these workers' lives as their business has been affected as well.


SOS acknowledged this problem and has traveled to two construction camps to help these struggling workers despite the risk. The first place we went to is the Sai Noi Worker Camp where we have coordinated with the camp representative and found out that more than 100 people in the camp have NOT been infected with COVID-19. However, they are asked not to leave the camp until the situation improves soon. And the second place we went to is the Nonthaburi Worker Camp where more than 40 families still haven't received any support. We brought with us some survival bags containing rice, dry food, fresh vegetables, as well as essential items and passed them to each camp representative to help us distribute them to Burmese and Cambodian workers inside the camp.


This pandemic has really brought so many people on the ground. Those who are slightly struggling before are extremely struggling now. Thanks to all of our donors and supporters who help us so we can help many people during this difficult time