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The Mission of Ray Mcdonald and Rayron Crew to Save Local Producers and Communities

Watch the SOS part in this video from 6:50

Thank you so much, Ray Mcdonald and Rayron team for helping farmers in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son by purchasing 40 trays of eggs, 40 kgs of butternut squash, and 150 kgs of pumpkin and donating them to the SOS team to distribute to the affected communities. We brought the donated food to the Rescue Kitchen in Ban Mankong Samakkhi Community to cook nutritious meals for people in the community especially children, pregnant women, and elderly people.

And thanks to Ford Motor Company, Thailand at Sathorn Square for supporting Ray to accomplish this mission and providing SOS a space at FREC Bangkok as well!.

You can always support the SOS Rescue Kitchen program by: https://taejai.com/th/d/thaisos_foodrescue_phase2/

Support us via Taejai (Tax deductible):

Or Via Bank transfer: Scholars of Sustenance Foundation SCB: 030-273178-9