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World Milk Day! SOS Thailand in collaboration with Saitarn Foundation and DPO

On World Milk Day 2021, Scholars of Sustenance Foundation in the collaboration with Saitarn Foundation of Betagro Group and The Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (DPO) jointly delivered 220 packs of UHT ready-to-drink fresh milk to 5 vulnerable communities in Bangkok at risk from the COVID-19 epidemic: Bang Sue community, Jom Thong community, Lad Prao community, Saphan Soong community, Dusit community, and one remote village in Chiangmai under the remote food distribution program through our collaboration with volunteer networks!

Milk is a nutrient-rich beverage essential for younger children. However, with the limitation of income and many families left jobless during this hour, many children do not receive the required nutrition for their bodies.

On our food rescue operation, we put our effort into rescuing surplus milk for the children in the low-income communities. Some of which barely have any milk before in their lives, our Food Rescue Ambassador work in their best effort to provide the milk for those children to enjoy the milk!