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Meet the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation, Thailand Team! We are committed and united to drive towards Zero Hunger and minimize the hardships of vulnerable people in the country. If you would like to contact any of us via email, just simply click on the photo! 





Our everyday heroes! They are SOS’ representatives who take adventure on the roads to rescue the surplus food from our partners and distribute to people in need. Without them, we would not be able to nourish our recipients.  


Teerayuth Audtha (Tong)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador

Thanakrit Piriyanuntakan (Chai)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)

Te 2.jpg

Techit Wongchonlathit (Te)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador

Kittidech Namkhuntod (Aun)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador

Jaturapuch Tongchai (Max)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)


Anantasin Dongrueangrat (Arm)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)


Thitiwut Boonpala (Golf)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)

Eak 1.jpg

Eakachai Jidned (Eak)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Bangkok)


Santan Senasukhum (Aod)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)

Deiyw 1_edited.jpg

Saravut Kamliang (Deiyw)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)


Naphak Rakbangboon (Tood)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)

Senior Food Rescue Ambassador

Warapong Wongmaneepakron (Boss)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Chiang Mai)

Bed 1.jpg

Chetthanat Patcharathanatchon (Bed)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Chiang Mai)

Untitled design (6)h.png

Bancha Thongyoy (Ton)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Hua Hin)

Max HHQ_edited.png

Charoenrit Mueangaiam (Max)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Hua Hin)


Gomed Boonchutikarn (med)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)


Supachai Decharan (Red)

Food Rescue Ambassador (Phuket)


The megastar team who makes everything happen! From food hunting, onsite training, food safety inspections, logistics planning, community coordination, they make all possible with dedication and commitment from these hard-working operation experts.  

Untitled design (7).png

Tanaporn Oi-Isranukul (Faii) 

Director of Thailand Operations

SOS operations team

Tawee Impoolsup (Kong)

Assistant Operations Manager

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 15.44_edite

Saweang Kaola (Jack)

Regional Business Manager

Boom 2.jpg

Chawapon Chuengsaman (Boom)

Food Rescue Supervisor (Hua Hin)

Bom 1_edited.jpg

Danucha Sombutnan (Bom)

Food Rescue Manager (Chiang Mai)

SOS operations team

Nuttapol Kasemras (Jay)

Logistic Supervisor

Pak 3.jpg

Sasiwan Jai-Arsa (Pak)

Central Community Supervisor

Pang 1.jpg

Phunnita Junphong (Pang)

Food Rescue Coordinator - Phuket

SOS Outreach team

Natcha Sukritsatanon (Milk)

Food Program Coordinator

Jame 1.jpg

Teerasak Kaewpitak (Jame)

Community and Logistics Coordinator


Chamaiporn Mano (Som-O)

Food Rescue Coordinator (Chiang Mai)

Tick 1.jpg

Suphapon Sukwutthichai (Tick)

Community Coordinator


The superstar team who makes everything possible! From enhancing the communications and public relations with externals, marketing, clutching projects and fundraising opportunities, implementing CSR, data collection and analysis, and back-end partner supports, all are possible with the enthusiasm and passion from these earnest experts.  

Earthy 1.jpg

Thyrissara Promraksa (Earthy)

Branding and Creative

Content Executive

Gale 3_edited.jpg

Thanyavee Thanyodom (Gale)

Fundraising and Partnership Associate

SOS Outreach team

Preecha Jarotphuet (Tae)

Integration and Innovation Specialist

Eve 2.jpg

Sirinet Gettengkit (Eve)


and Event Associate

Best 1.jpeg

Patteenan Suvisutikasem (Best)

Data Management
& Analytics Specialist

Zax 1.jpg

Taweesak Viriyaakaradachar (Zax)

CSR and Partnership Coordinator


The backbone of the organization who makes everything go smoothly.  The foundation is made up of people, the quality and welfare of people rest in their hands. From finance and accounting, human resources, and livelihoods, all are upheld and maintained with vigilance and care from these trustworthy experts. 

SOS Outreach team

Supachai Mongkolnit (Ex)

Accounting Administration & Government Relations Executive


As a result driven person he is, our managing director embraces all opportunities and leads the organization to its ultimate goals. All the associations with relevant parties inclusive of international and local partners are handled with his professional and farsighted manners


James Leyson (James)

Director of Global Impact

& Operations

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