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Community Fridges by SOS Bali

We're welcoming @zerowastebali to be our newest partner and latest location for another one of our Community Fridges . We're very happy to be able to have a fridge at this wonderful place and are looking forward to seeing what will come through its doors.

A Community Fridge is where *you* can come and donate any kind of produce which we then pick up and distribute through our office or our rescue kitchens to the people in need of valuable nutrition.

And also at the end of January, our Rescue Kitchen Lala Land Creative Studio received a new fridge donated to by Queen's Tandoor Nusa Dua.

Even though it's just a "fridge" it opens the doors to so many new possibilities for our second kitchen.

It allows people to donate any goods that need refrigeration and on its first day there it's already almost full ✨

You can can join us in giving back this year by donating food to our strategically placed "Community Fridges" where you can drop any kind of food at anytime. Just head on over to Papaya, Alive in Canggu or Alive in Umalas, Poul de Luxe, Cafe Smorgas, and Zero Waste to do your shopping and leave behind something kind 🙏.

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