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Chefs Chris Salans, Jacques Pourcel, Alain Caron and Beryl Adler to participate in the Contrasts Charity Dinner hosted by W Bali – Seminyak with proceeds going to Scholars of Sustenance

BALI, 17 December 2019 – In collaboration with W Bali – Seminyak, Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) International and Chef Chris Salans of Mozaic Restaurant and Spice by Chris Salans, are honored to host a charity dinner at W Bali on 11 January 2020. A unique culinary event showcasing the region’s best chefs’ cuisine whilst contributing to relieve hunger in a remote area of Bali. Two incredible reasons to celebrate!

SOS, officially Yayasan Derma Atas Pangan, is a food rescue foundation that has been collecting surplus food around Bali for the past two and a half years. The food is collected from hotels such as W Bali, suppliers, bakeries and other commercial outlets and then goes on to feed fourteen orphanages, four foundations and five villages.

Taking it a step further, SOS plans to initiate the Ban Basics Program to distribute surplus food to the people in need in Ban, a very isolated village in the mountainous terrain of Karangasem, East Bali. Here a high percentage of the population is malnourished to the point of mental and/or physical deformities; without access to clean water, schooling or health care.

With this event, SOS aims to raise enough funds to purchase customized food transport vehicles, employ staff, buy necessary storage equipment and generally assist the people of Ban to access life's basic needs. DJ Denton, the Projects Manager of SOS said that “the overall goal is simple, SOS will take surplus food from its generous donors and provide it to the people of Ban”.

SOS has called upon Celebrity Master Chef Chris Salans of the Mozaic Group to put together a fabulous dinner event. Michelin Star Restaurant Chef Jacques Pourcel, Dutch Celebrity Master Chef Alain Caron, Chef Salans himself and Chef Beryl Adler, W Bali’s very own Director of Culinary will collaborate to lead the charity dinner.

This leading culinary team will join hand in hand to cook live in a one-off, four course dinner, raising money for the Ban Basics Program. All proceeds from the event will go towards generating relief for those unable to provide for themselves, ranging from food availability to basic nutritional needs.

The chefs have committed to making this a “Zero-Waste” event where no food is wasted in their preparation. Chris Salans will do a “prawn dish with recycled kalamansi jam, whereby the entire prawn and the entire kalamansi lime will be used for the dish.”

The evening will start with a pre-dinner cocktail party at 6:00 PM, featuring a live & silent auction and raffle tickets. The 4 courses dinner will follow, one course plated up per chef. There will be a live feed from the kitchen where each chef will present their dish before joining on stage to auction a special prize.

Tickets are limited to 125 seated guests with price of IDR 1,750,000++ per person including pre-cocktail and 4-course dinner.

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Jacques Pourcel

Jacques Pourcel’s Montpellier Le Jardin des Sens opened in 1988 and quickly became one of the top gastronomic venues of South of France, with Michelin Stars and Awards also following. In 1998, the third Michelin Star was awarded for his creative style of fine food. Distinct for textural plays and contrasts of hot and cold, smooth and crunchy, sweet and savory, Jacques Pourcel has been travelling and opening restaurants in several cities on three continents: his fine dining style can be found in Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Geneva, Marrakesh, Paris, ethnic cuisine concept brasseries Montpellier, Béziers, Levallois-Perret, Mauritius, and lastly bistros specializing in fish at Sète and Marseille. With twin brother Laurent, Jacques Pourcel is a French Culinary ambassador and an author of several books.

Alain Caron

Based in the Netherlands, French born Alain Caron has worked with chefs étoilés like Boyer, Bardet, Roux, Guérard, TroisGros. With a long list of published articles, and international press coverage, Alain Caron has appeared as a Star Chef in many international world culinary events and television programs. Although he does not own a restaurant, his appearances, caterings and many special private dinner and culinary activities have made him one of the world’s most famous chef and recognized culinary phenomenon.

Chris Salans

Chris Salans hailed from three Michelin-starred restaurants in France and in the USA before creating his pioneering style of French cuisine-meets-Balinese flavors at Ubud's multiple award-winning MOZAIC RESTAURANT GASTRONOMIQUE and SPICE BY CHRIS SALANS gastro-bar in Ubud . Mozaic Restaurant is now regarded as one of the best dining experiences not only in Bali but the whole of Asia and has received numerous accolades, including being listed in the Tradition et Qualité – Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, San Pellegrino’s “The World’s top 50 restaurants,” Miele Guide’s “Top 10 in Asia” and receiving the World Gourmet Summit award for “Best Asian Restaurant” in 2017 and 2018. To date, Chris Salans remains one of Bali’s top culinary ambassadors promoting the island as a foodie destination and participating in culinary events worldwide as a Master Chef.

About Scholars of Sustenance:

Scholars of Sustenance is an international food rescue foundation with headquarters across Southeast Asia. They work with hotels and commercial outlets in the collection and redistribution of surplus food. Basically SOS collects surplus food that would otherwise be destined for the landfill and passes it on to people who need it. The foundation prides itself on it s vision of Food Equity. The world produces enough food for 10 billion people while there are only 7 billion on earth and 1 billion do not have access to the basic staple of life “food”. There is a problem with the food distribution system globally and by taking the leftovers from large commercial outlets and passing it on to those who are less fortunate it naturally imposes a tax that will over time encourage a just distribution system. The aim is by relieving the financial burden of nutrition for those less fortunate they will be able to access other necessities required in advancement their own life's. Scholars of Sustenance delivers the surplus food to community organizations such as orphanages, foundations, churches and other community enterprises in need.

The Scholars of Sustenance foundation also includes the village program in which the SOS team researches and finds villages where a high percent of the population is struggling with malnutrition and/or hunger. The village program allows for the same surplus food collected from the daily donors of the SOS operation to be delivered to the members of the village who need the food the most. SOS works closely with local authorities in determining the “greatest need” and finding ways to get those people food. Due to the topography, distance and access of the isolated villagers SOS has developed the Scholars part of the program leading to Scholarships. Working directly with the authorities and educational institutions of the area volunteers are selected in assisting with the food distribution in which they receive scholarships for their education. Through the donation of food and assistance in education Scholars of Sustenance uplifts the human potential and relieves the burdens on these societies.

About W Bali – Seminyak:

W Bali –Seminyak, which opened on the 1st of March 2011, marks the debut of W Hotels Worldwide in Indonesia. Located in the pulse of the trendy enclave of Bali, the entry of W Bali sets the tone of exuberance in Seminyak where designer boutiques, eclectic galleries, concept restaurants, chic cocktail bars and clubs predominate here. W Bali reflects inspirations of rich natural beauty, historical and cultural heritage of Bali, in synergy with playful twist of bold designs and textures that stimulate guests’ senses from every angle of the retreat. With the unique take of Balinese designs, each space is identifiable with playful touches and surprises. Featuring a total of 152 Wonderful and Spectacular Retreats, 4 Marvelous Suites, 1 WOW Suite, 1 Extreme WOW (E-WOW) Suite and 79 Villa Retreats (65 Marvelous One-Bedroom Pool Villa, 10 WOW Two-Bedroom Pool Villa, and 4 Extreme WOW Three-Bedroom Pool Villa), distinct concept restaurants such as Starfish Bloo and Fire, four destination bars: WOOBAR®, ICE, W Lounge, CHILL Bar, WET® outdoor pool, a signature AWAY® Spa that is open 24/7, FIT state-of-the-art fitness center, W The Store, and WIRED & WORDS business center and library. For reservations and more information, please visit www.wbaliseminyak.com and follow @wbaliseminyak on Instagram, @wbali on Twitter


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Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2014, Tax ID Number 47-2368767.

SOS files an IRS Form 990 annually, providing information about our annual operations and finances.

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