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Dry Food and Essential Supplies Donation from Ohm Thitiwat and His Fans

The SOS team has always seen the movement of people in society to help each other during this difficult time. And last month we witnessed the power of Ohm Thitiwat Thai young celebrity and his fans uniting to deliver dry food, canned food, and essential supplies to communities severely impacted by this covid-19.


SOS team will divide these items into good proportions to be appropriate for distributing to families within the affected communities. We are working closely with volunteer units and rescue units in various areas in order to spread help as quickly as possible.


In addition, we are doing fundraising to establish community kitchens in 6 areas of Bangkok, which we have got only the last 4 days left to achieve the goal. If you are interested, you can contribute at https://taejai.com/th/d/thaisos_foodrescue_phase2/


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