7 Getting 30 Digital Volunteers for #EmptyYourPlate program Batch #2____ Target date March 15, 2021

SOS Bali Collaborating with Campaign.com to help people in Bali

Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of food waste in the world. Ironically, the countries also has a very high rate of malnutrition. This is why Scholars of Sustenance (Bali), started the #EmptyYourPlate​ Challenge on Campaign #ForChange​.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we collected leftover but edible food from places like restaurants and hotels and serve them to people in need. Now, with the tourism industry in decline, we can no longer rely on that. Help us provide food for our brothers and sisters!

When a person completes the #EmptyYourPlate​ Challenge on the Campaign #ForChange​ app, SOS Bali will receive Rp25.000 from their sponsors: PT. Maskapai Reasuransi Indonesia, PT Pelayaran Nelly Dwi Putri Tbk, CFC, dan Resto Depot. This donation will be used to make sure that fewer and fewer people will go hungry.

Join the Challenge now: campaign.com/emptyyourplate

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