7 Getting 30 Digital Volunteers for #EmptyYourPlate program Batch #2____ Target date March 15, 2021
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Our new Assistant Project Manager

Naphat "Earth" Phongpheat has been with SOS since July 17, 2019, and has been playing multiple roles in our organization for 3 years now. He's a key team player who has been behind the success of many projects and programs, most particularly on data system set-up, data improvement, and data integration. He's also the man behind the success of our Cloud Food Bank. Last 2021, he received the Award for Excellence and recently been awarded as Top Supervisor for Jan-Jun 2022 at the last Annual Leadership Summit. He's currently leading the Project Team and is a key member of the Outreach Team. We're all excited to see how he will continue to grow in our organization, and how will contribute to the success of SOS in the future.

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