7 Getting 30 Digital Volunteers for #EmptyYourPlate program Batch #2____ Target date March 15, 2021

SOS Hua Hin needs your support for COVID-Response!

Due to the latest COVID cases spreading in Hua Hin, our hotel and retail partners are suffering again from the lack of visitors in the city producing less food which makes their surplus food reduced to less to none. The situation becomes a challenge for both SOS operation in Hua Hin and the local community that we are providing our support as the demand for food from vulnerable communities remains high while our rescued surplus and supply are dwindling. With all the risks involved, our mission continues but with strict safety policies.

Ton, our food is continuously finding ways on how we can feed the people during this challenging time. While the surplus food supply is going low, we continuously explore how we can increase our support and reach for the Hua Hin people and continue feeding those communities in need. SOS Hua Hin is currently planning to collaborate with Hua Hin COVID-19 field hospital & Hua Hin Red Cross, and initiate Rescue Kitchen program in Huahin. We seek to support him any way we can and would like to encourage every reader here. If your company or community would like to sponsor one Rescue Kitchen activity or know of a local supplier in Hua Hin looking to contribute surplus food or making a donation for the Hua Hin community, please contact Ton at marut.s@scholarsofsustenance.org. He’d be happy to organize or find some volunteers to cook for a community.

The challenge nowadays may be tough, but we will always find a way to help the people in need. They need us more than ever. We can survive this pandemic by helping one another. Let’s spread HOPE in Hua Hin!