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SOS Hua Hin turning 6 Months!

Scholars of Sustenance in Hua Hin are turning 6 months old! We start the operation in late December 2020, and we are grateful for every supporter and donor that makes our effort reaches more Hua Hin communities during this difficult time. We started with excitement and great aims for the food rescue program. Then, COVID-19 came 2 waves in a row, yet we never back down, the SOS operation team finds the new partnership, commitment, and outlet expansion to ensure the needs are met with food delivered to their area.

The downpour may continue in the Southern part of Thailand for the next several days, but the SOS Thailand Hua Hin office is going out to provide food and delicious support to communities in need! Ton, our Food rescue Supervisor in Hua Hin, is driving around the Hua Hin town and rescuing food from various donors.

We also have got a special day in May because this distribution also received support from our new member in the Cook for SOS program. Chris and his family donated 150 portions of cooked food such as delicious Padthai, Fried Rice, and other delicious meals. Ton is our SOS hero, a one-man army in Hua Hin, so please any helps and supports, be it food funds, or time can greatly support Hua Hin our operation.

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