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SOS Rescue Kitchen Celebrates Their 1st Year Anniversary

SOS Rescue Kitchen is celebrating the 1st anniversary of its founding in June 2020 during the midst of pandemic. In celebration of its achievements, SOS Sanur Rescue Kitchen hosted series of exciting events throughout the day in an effort to share with its volunteers, chefs and general public the milestones and challenges during the one year since it’s operations.

On the 17th June 2021, SOS Rescue Kitchen distributed over 5000 meals including 3250 Nutritious Nasi Bungkus. SOS Rescue Chefs have prepared and cooking meals from 2 AM that day with volunteers coming from different communities namely; BRIMOB, Ritz Carlton chefs, Pertiwi Indonesia, MENWA, and many others gathered together to break the record of cooking 3250 nasi bungkus in one day.

The event is also attended by notable guests including Mayor of Denpasar, Danish Ambassador, Dandim Badung, Kepala Dinas Sosial Kota Denpasar, Kepala Bagian Kerja Sama Luar dan Dalam Negeri Kota Denpasar, Head of Brimob Bali and Head of Polsek Sanur.

Furthermore, during the event SOS is collaborating with Pertiwi Indonesia and PMI to celebrate Blood Donation Day, with 50 participants of blood donors that day.

Read the story from by our Chef, Nick Kimman:

"What an amazingly unexpected year it has been.
Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined any of it, and this post will be my attempt to capture the essence of a year that was