7 Getting 30 Digital Volunteers for #EmptyYourPlate program Batch #2____ Target date March 15, 2021
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Thanks to the CSR Phuket Center and Phuket Phuket SDHSV for Supporting Our Rescue Kitchens

Although now tourists are starting to come to Phuket according to the #sandbox project. But there are not as many as those that have been in before the COVID-19 situation. Most of the people here still suffer because of lost income and jobs.


We would like to thank the volunteers in 2 kitchens of our Rescue Kitchen Program at the Thai Mai Community and the Parcha Ui Tin Community, Phuket Province. They have helped to cook nutritious dishes such as stir-fried noodles and boiled bitter melon to distribute to the residents of the two communities to enjoy. In addition, we have also received cooperation from the Phuket Social Development and Human Security Office and the CSR Phuket Center to support the Rescue Kitchen Program.


Contact Jack, Food Rescue Manager Phuket through 081-950-8711

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