World Milk Day during COVID-19, Collaboration with KU-Milk

One collaboration can make a massive impact and you need not look further than Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS) and KU Milk. When COVID-19 hit Thailand, numerous businesses were severely affected by the supply chain’s disruption, especially food-related businesses. Many restaurants, hotels, and even schools closed down and suppliers experience immense difficulty in distributing supplies they had at hand.

KU Milk is a milk manufacturing plant focusing on milk pasteurization. Dairy farmers formed a contract and sell raw milk to milk manufacturing plant. Under COVID-19, most milk manufacturers were forced to either cancel contracts with dairy farmers or dump all raw milk down the drain, both actions of which are cheaper than pasteurizing unsold milk. This is where KU Milk made a decisive move in marketing pasteurized milk sales with a 50% discount. Rather than hiding away from COVID-19, KU Milk encouraged their brand customers to buy milk for ‘others.’

This is where SOS comes in. When numerous businesses were affected by COVID-19, many people also lost their job. Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand estimated up to 7 million could have lost their job by the end of June 2020 (Thairath, 2020). To most conventional businesses, it can be challenging for identity recipients for food donation. After all, logistics has always been one of the hidden challenges in charitable works. As a specialist in logistics and locating recipients, SOS worked with KU Milk in delivering more than 10,000 packs of pasteurized milk to communities in need during COVID-19.


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