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Good Will Retail Donated 30K Biodegradable Boxes

With an ongoing effort to serve the communities affected by the outbreak in the city, the “Rescue Food, Rescue People” campaign have been extended to support more covid-cluster communities who are required to do home quarantine and left unemployed with the current situation. Our team is thankful for every individual support, Thai and Expats, companies, and organizations, for supporting this campaign. Thank you for helping us help them!

Last month, the SOS team in Bangkok distributed the received donations to 6 community kitchens. Under our SOS Rescue Kitchen Program, our community volunteers cooked and served the food to communities in need in Bangphat Rescue Kitchen, Bangkoknoi Rescue Kitchen, Wat Sommanut Kitchen, Jakkapadipong Kitchen, Don Meung Kitchen, and Klong Lad Pa She kitchen. We have served 15,000 portions of meals under our latest activities, and we cannot do this in an environmental-friendly method without the support from Goodwill, who provided us 30,000 boxes of biodegradable food boxes. While helping hungry people, we are making sure that we are helping the environment as well.