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Green Monday donated Omnimeat (Plant-based meat) which supported SOS to cook up to 8,467 meals

Earlier last month, Green Monday has passed on kindness by donating Ominimeat, a plant-based meat product to the Rescue Kitchen Program. This donation helped SOS to provide a total of 8,467 meals to various low-income communities, including Baan AunRak, Service Center for the Disabled, the underprivileged, and the poor, Rescue Kitchen Programme Bangkok Noi District, Rescue Kitchen Programme Klong Toei Nok, and Rescue Kitchen Programme Minburi District.


Moreover, these foods are given to quarantines and infected people who stay at home, migrants workers who lack the income to support themselves and their families. This donated food will help reduce costs and provide those in need with access to valuable nutrients.


Thank you, Green Monday, for giving the Rescue Kitchen Program a chance to participate in helping communities during this time. In addition, we want to invite everyone to be a part of the Rescue Kitchen Program. Even little help matters a lot.