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Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Our Phuket Branch in Thailand

On the 1st of November 2020, we celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Scholars of Sustenance Phuket doing food rescue operation in the south of Thailand. On 1st November 2019, Jack, Food Rescue Manager, started the operation with our food rescue truck (we call it “Nong Neung”) together with our Food Rescue Ambassador. They went around the Island of Phuket and picked-up surplus foods from our partners from different 5-Star hotels, restaurants, retailers, and others.

One year has passed, Phuket operation has served 700,000 meals already to 70 communities in need around the province. This success of our operation would not happen without our amazing, hard-working, dedicated and committed Jack who worked tirelessly and restlessly to help the people in Phuket that he really cares and loves.

It’s really nice to look back how Jack made it all happen. Every day, driving around the Island, distributing food to many vulnerable communities. Even when COVID-19 changed everything in the entire Tourism industry, shutting down most of the hotels which is the main source of our surplus food. It was a perfect opportunity to adapt and evolve. Jack launched our new program called SOS Rescue Kitchen and gathered different volunteers to cook and serve nutritious meals to the communities heavily affected by the pandemic. This led us to an honorable recognition by Governor of Phuket last month for our effort to help the vulnerable ones.

SOS Phuket’s story will not end here. We promised that our team will continue to serve the communities in need and reach those who seek some support. Thank you to every partner who supports us in Phuket. To all of our amazing food donors, you made our mission possible. And of course, to our main main, our Food Hero in Phuket, Jack, you make everyone in SOS very proud of what you have done for one year. And now with a solid strong team, we can’t wait to see what more you guys can do for the people of Phuket (probably to other province as well).

For those who want to continue supporting our operation in Phuket, you can do so by supporting our fundraising campaign in Weeboon, every Baht raised will be used in SOS rescued kitchen program.

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