Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS)’s Rescue Kitchen – EVERY WEEK!

In response to ongoing COVID-19’s impacts on vulnerable communities, SOS is launching ‘SOS Rescue Kitchen Program’ to serve people affected by the economic instability.

Led by Tawee Impoolsup, ‘Food Repurposing Program’, SOS began to put the idea of crafting different new dishes using surplus food into practice. The program tested various techniques from spices to cooking methods to ensure optimization of both food safety and flavors while using surplus food as primary resources.

Through SOS Rescue Kitchen, SOS is now stepping up to apply the idea on larger scale to tackle urgency in food demand. Nutritional balance is taken into consideration when designing menus. The kitchens are deployed in strategic locations of each community through collaborations with Social Development and Human Security volunteers and community leaders. District Officer(s) are coordinated to station onsite and help maintain order, temperature check and social distancing included, as COVID-19 prevention measure during food distribution. To address waste management concerns from each local host, however, SOS would require all guests to bring their own containers in order to receive food donation.

The first official SOS Rescue Kitchen will be set at Bangkok Noi District’s community temple, Wat Mai Yai Mon to serve three communities: Railroad Community, Sut Sakhon Community, and Pon Pipat Community. Please feel free to get in touch for more information.


Bangkok Office

Tel: (66) 02-075-1417, (66) 062-675-0004


Bali Office

Tel: (62) 812-3923-6566


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