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Serving Love 2020 – Charity Event for SOS Hua Hin

We are happy to announce that we have raised 209,000 THB on our recent Serving Love 2020 event on the 1st November.

It's one of our most heartwarming charity events that encourages everyone to support the mission of improving food equity in Thailand . All the funds we raised from this event will be used to support our expansion to Hua Hin.

With all of the generous support, we were able to start funding the purchase of a refrigerated truck. We will use this in collecting surplus food to distribute to different vulnerable communities in Hua Hin and Cha Am. This is a great start! In order for us to operate soon and start feeding the people, we will need a refrigerated truck to keep the quality of the surplus food that we will collect.

Special thanks to Indus Contemporary Indian Restaurant, Sang Foundation and Moving Cultures for co-organizing this event together!

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