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Daily Update: SOS Bali at West Sumba, NTT - Day #2.

Yesterday's distribution day! We delivered food aid to Pinduharani Village in Sumba Barat. It took us 6 hours to get there, including 2 hours of wormy road and another 4 hours shaky road. We had to cross two rivers to reach the village, the river that was so deep for the first few days blocking the people out from the city and food aid relief.

The shaky road means really non stop shaky, the road was full of rocks and even the car was equipped by special handle for the passengers to hold on to.

The distribution went really well. We reached the place at 4PM and did free medical consultation for 2,5 hours. People are walking to get to the site, only some has motorbikes and carry along their elderly to get checked too. While consultation is happening, our team also teaching kids a song to learn counting with fingers. In the end, we give away 100 package food aid, milk, hygienic products, nasi bungkus, and baby clothes.

The village situation is so saddening. A lot of people haven't had enough food, so they eat nasi bungkus very quickly as they were starving. The dogs around the neighborhood are also very skinny, to the bone. Closest school is 3 kilometers from the place, while medical institution was 20 km away.

It was a shaky day physically and mentally, especially because we have to leave and not able to continue the medical check up as the day getting darker, even though 20 people are still lining for their turn.

We reached base camp around 00:30 and some of us still do our daily meeting to discuss where we're going today.

Stay tuned for our next update.