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SOS Bali Providing Support for Fire Victims

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Our hearts go out to all the victims affected by the fire that struck a slum area last Saturday, 6th February 2021 at Jl Letda Tantular Yang Batu. The fire has burned down dozens of houses with over 80 people evacuated to a nearby local school SDN 29 Dangin Puri. The SOS Bali team is providing our utmost support this week by distributing our nutritious Bekals, food donations and grocery supplies to the victims affected.

With assistance from our partners, we donated 360pcs of VitaGo snacks by Arnott, Magic Lezat Seasoning by Maggie & 90kg worth of rice. We are also providing 120 Bekals daily cooked by Chefs Delmi & Nick with the help of our volunteers in Rumah Sanur.

As many of the victims are currently still being placed at SDN 29 Dangin Puri evacuation center, we will be continuing our support by providing lunch meals until 14th February 2021 or until further notice.

We would also like to recognize the effort of the SOS team, partners, sponsors as well as the volunteers. To all the families and communities directly affected by the fire may they all get the support and relief to get through this challenging time.