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SOS Phuket, Bkind Phuket and Envoy for Peace together donated 22,020 Meals to Communities

The community in Phuket is getting more and more lively with the assistance of SOS Phuket.


Donors in the south were actively donating food surplus to our organization so that we could distribute it to the community that needed it. With the cooperation with Bkind Phuket and Envoy for Peace, we together managed to distribute 5,250kg of food donations, which was equivalent to 22,020 meals to Nai Harn Community and a Center Foundation that consisted of more than 700 people.


The recipients received new packs of rice and some food surplus from our regular donors in order to support their lives by reducing their expenses.


There were mountains of people queuing waiting to receive the food donations from us. That showed us that many people were desperate due to the pandemic and the increasing price of food. However, their faces also showed that their peace of mind came when SOS and its partners were around.


SOS Phuket was happy to see that many people received the food from us, and also happy to see there were other people lending their hands to our organization. Our organization has learned and seen a lot of stories from many communities, and that is the motivation that keeps us fighting for them. If you want to volunteer with us to give us a lending hand, we definitely welcome you.

SOS Phuket Tel: +(66)081-950-8711

Email: info@scholarsofsustenance.org


Make a donation to SOS Phuket

Bank: Kasikorn Bank

Account Number: 098-3-86146-6

Account Name: Scholars of Sustenance

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