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SOS Rescue Kitchen Phuket x Marriott Phuket

9 Marriott Hotel Chains in Phuket and 2 Marriott Hotel Chains in Phang Nga joined together to support the SOS Phuket office arranged a special Rescue Kitchen Program. Continuing what the SOS Bangkok team and Marriott Bangkok team did in February. Marriott truly is keeping their commitment to the community and SOS is a proud partner in helping them achieve this goal.

On 24th March 2021, around 40 Marriott staff including chefs and GMs gathered together to cook nutritious meals for communities in Patong and Ko Kaew. Such an eventful day as they have produced a total of 13,701 meals. The activities were well received and communities Marriot Phuket representatives have pledged the support of the rescue kitchen and planned to do it again in June 2021.

Rescue Kitchen Program is one of the SOS programs that repurposes surplus ingredients and we buy additional ingredients to turn them into nutritious meals. Our goal is to provide good nutrition to communities that have a lot of vulnerable individuals. Food insecurity is one serious issue during this global pandemic and we welcome any help from the community to help us feed the needy.