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SOS x More Meat: More Meat and More Protein!

The company’s name, More Meat, alone can be easily misunderstood. We are not talking about actual meat from a living creature of Animal Kingdom but rather meat that is completely made from plants! More Meat is based in Thailand and supports a wide range of Thai local farmers by buying from smaller producers to drive positive change and create sustainability. Scholars of Sustenance Foundation (SOS) in Thailand is now working closely with More Meat to provide more protein to communities in need.

Protein sources are generally less affordable compared to other sources of nutrients. SOS and More Meat’s collaboration will start with monthly plant-based protein donation, which it would not only bring an essential nutrient but also from a healthy source to recipients under SOS beneficiaries’ network.

The main channel SOS is using to distribute the healthy protein source is through SOS Rescue Kitchen. Previously, most protein sources still required purchasing in order to complete the nutritional balance in food distributed from SOS Rescue Kitchen. With More Meat’s support, food distribution efforts can last longer and reach more people, especially those who lost their job due to the COVID-19’s economic impact.