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Thailand's Rescue Kitchen Heroes - Nangloeng Community

Meet the representatives of Nang Loeng community, who always join our Rescue Kitchen program at FREC Bangkok (Our Bangkok's Office) since the beginning of program this year!

SOS Rescue Kitchen: Nang Leong Community – The kitchen is located in Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC), and it was a result of a collaboration between SOS and surrounding communities: Wat Soonthorn Thammathan Community, Wat Somanas Community, and Chakkraphatdi Phong Community.

‘Nang Leong’ is a historic market and neighborhood, with stories tracing back to the early Rattanakosin Era. Most people’s occupations are street vendors and freelance laborers. The community has a relatively high elderly population compared to other districts in Bangkok. The sense of unity is very high, perhaps due to community leaders regularly meeting up to move community projects forward, such as volunteer activities.

‘Food’ is a principle component of this community, as it brings people together from both inside and outside the community. Thai SOS provides ingredients and the community volunteers share the traditional knowledge of Thai cooking. The food culture brings people together through volunteering to cook and create new dishes in their community. It is beautiful to see former food recipients return the favor by coming back to volunteer and cook for other members of their community.

Food from our kitchen is regularly donated to bedridden patients, the elderly, single mothers, and their children, and others who are economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This helps reduce food expenses for community members. SOS Rescue Kitchen: Nang Leong will continue to support people in need by utilizing community member knowledge and preserving traditional knowledge and techniques in the cooking process.

We really appreciate all the support from this community.

With love, Thai SOS Team.❤️