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We distributed up to 25,000 of Hooray!’s milk to 21 places across Thailand

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, especially in Thailand, the number of milk purchases have declined, which will result in many bottles of milk reaching their expiration date before consumption. To help with this issue, SOS, together with Crossmax Retail, were able to distribute up to 25,000 of Hooray!’s nutritious, pasteurised milk to 21 places across Thailand

on the 30th of July and 2nd of August. These places, which include communities in Nong Chok, Minburi, and Makkasan, received approximately 1,000 bottles of milk each.

We truly appreciate Crossmax Retail Co LTD’s large donation of Hooray!’s milk to the various communities throughout Thailand. It is a pleasure that we are able to help provide food and drinks to numerous communities during this difficult time.

We are always welcome for those who are interested in taking part in helping others during this difficult time of the pandemic by giving donations and volunteering, as we believe that each contribution matters.