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Welcoming New Staff!

Welcome onboard our new Marketing and Fundraising Manger, K. Nantaporn (Ploy)!

Nantaporn just came back from Amsterdam, the Netherlands last month and joined SOS family directly as she’s keen to apply her accumulated knowledge and experience working on food system transformation in Thailand.

For the last couple of years, she has been working closely with a wide range of multinational people within the food sustainability field; from farmers to consumers who opened her perspectives and saw the importance of the collaboration between different actors along the food supply chain to make the positive changes. Nantaporn did her Master's in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she developed her interest on food waste issue and its negative impact on society and environment. Her thesis was about the roles of social activities operated by various social organizations that effectively encourage consumer behavioral change towards food waste reduction. This study program and her volunteer experiences with various food waste initiatives then brought her to Amsterdam in 2019 where she gained more experience in sustainable & circular food systems in the Netherlands - by working at the world’s first food rescue restaurant.

During her own time, Nantaporn enjoys cooking, reading and promoting sustainable diets campaign inviting people to save the world in every meal they have.