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Big Month for Phuket!

Updated: May 7, 2021

April was a big month for SOS Phuket! Jack, Our food rescue manager in Phuket, has worked untiringly to provide support for Phuket communities with the support of everyone around him! Here’s the quick recap of what happened in Phuket in April.

Rescue Kitchen under the collaboration with DoubleTree by Hilton Phuket BanThai Resort produced 2,041 meals for Patong Low-income community and Phuket Disability Association. In our food distribution, we have put safety measures and extreme precautions in the distribution process. Social Distancing Distribution is set up under the regulation of local authority and community leaders. We have to use alternative containers in assisting the distribution process to minimize the risk.

Food Rescue Operation expansion with 15 more Family Mart stores in Phuket! Started in April, Jack has set up the food rescue training session attended by the Store Managers, to learn and understand the process of food surplus selection and food surplus workflows collection. We are glad to see our collaboration with Central Group and Family Mart stores now are sharing their surplus food items to SOS, helping us to increase the amount of food we distribute to our recipients. As of April 2021, Family Mart has already donated 4,793.66 Kgs of surplus food equivalent to 20,133 meals since the start of the collaboration.

Kudos to Jack for his determination and effort in his work in Phuket, and Thanks to every partner in Phuket to support us! Support SOS Phuket! We believe that we can only survive the pandemic by helping one another. Help Jack help people.