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Cook for SOS Phuket with Chef Jamie from Thanyapura Phuket Sports and Health Resort

SOS Foundation is delighted to partner up with Chef Jamie with the same purpose of supporting communities in need of food. It’s been two years for Chef Jamie to be a part of the project. Once per month, Chef Jamie and Khun Thara cook from The Vegan Jungle Kitchen and contribute to SOS to support the vulnerable people in the community. On that note, approximately 1,000 people have been fed in the different communities during their difficulty.


Food waste is always a problem, especially in big restaurants and hotels. As a chef, Jamie absolutely understands the issue of leftover food that after out being on display for 90 minutes in a buffet concept, it cannot be resold due to hygiene practices. If we use that food that is perfectly edible in the right way, it would help reduce the food waste in landfills and feed the hungry people. Hence, this is what Chef Jamie has been doing with SOS for the past two years, saving the people and keeping the landfill clean. Currently, Chef Jamie is also gathering more donations through his campaign called “pay it forward”. The donation will go toward ingredients so he can cook more meals. Later on, the SOS team will pick up the meal and distribute it to more communities.

For those who want to help other than this, you can participate in our Cook for SOS program, a volunteering opportunity to cook any dish you can with the amount of at least 50 packages, and SOS will pick up and distribute to people for you!


Contact Jack, Food Rescue Manager Phuket through 081-950-8711


You can also support SOS Phuket directly through


Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank

Account Number: 098-3-86146-6

Account Name: Scholars of Sustenance

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