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Food Passion and Bar B Q Plaza Donated 400 Kgs. of Pork Bones

More hot dishes have been cooked by our Rescue Kitchen Program, and served to those who are needed our support!


In July, the people of Ladphachi, Bang Phlat, and Chakkraphat Phong communities have enjoyed the delicious meal cooking from the Rescue Kitchen Program. The three kitchens cooked many delicious hot dishes, such as boiled Jap Chai, stir-fried chili with pork bones, hot and sour soup Leng Pork Bones, and other menus.

SOS Foundation would like to thanks Food Passion and Bar B Q Plaza for 400 kg of pork bones for supporting our Rescue Kitchen Program in order for us to pass on the healthy and delicious food to fill the stomach of the people of various communities.