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From Rice Mill to the Communities in Need

In May, SOS Thailand has launched the Rescue Food, Rescue People, the urgent campaign calls for immediate supports to help vulnerable communities who are suffered from the new wave of COVID. We have received various donations from various kinds of donors. Some of them came from the Expats community who would like to give back to Thai people during this epidemic. Some of them are the group of volunteers who pulled the money together for the donations of this campaign. Some of them are the family business owners who try any way they can to support the community.

Thong Chai Yo Rice Mill from Aang Thong province is one of the individual donors who support the SOS Rescue Kitchen Program's urgent request. Upon hearing the news and social media post from the SOS Facebook page, they have notified our operation team about their resolve to donate rice to SOS. After the confirmation, they drove more than 100 Kilometers from their home to deliver 150 kg of dry rice at SOS Head Quarter in Nang Leong Area.

We are wholeheartedly grateful for their action and determination to help the communities in need with the SOS Thailand team. Part of the donated rice has been distributed to Ban Mankong Huamark Community while the rest delivered to other Community Kitchen.