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Meet Woody, Food Rescue Ambassador Who Made Our Ride for Hunger Event Succeeded

Many days ago you probably heard some not so good news about the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic in Thailand. But this doesn't discourage us and our Food Rescue Ambassador team, we promise that we still continue to rescue and deliver food to the communities in need and our best. Food Safety Standard is the thing that we pay attention to the most during this time.


And today, we invite Woody, one of the Food Rescue Ambassadors and who used to be a Cycling Guide to share his feeling and experiences of his daily works with us.


"Since I have been working with Thai SOS for a few months, I noticed that there're still a lot of people who can't afford or don't have access to nutritious food in Bangkok and they are still waiting for help. While numbers of supermarkets and food businesses produce so many surplus foods that can't be sold at the end of the day. At Thai SOS we rescue surplus 7 days a week by the refrigerated trucks, which each day we received more than a ton per truck. There's one auntie who said to me that 'The donated food can help her to sustain her family for 2-3 more days'. This made me realize to the days I was working as a Cycling Guide and I needed to order so much food for clients on the table and then became leftovers. I just want to invite everyone to support this small foundation, to deliver a greater impact."