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Serving Nutritious Meals to Children in need in Thailand's Remote Areas

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Thailand continues to witness the vast effect of the global pandemic with an increased number of people needing access to food. While Scholars of Sustenance Thailand rescues good quality surplus food 7 days a week in Bangkok and in Phuket so we can distribute food to many vulnerable communities and disadvantaged groups, there are still more people in this country that needs help.

Our strong partnerships with เครือข่ายอาสาพัฒนาชนบท (the Rural Development Volunteer Network group) and อาสาพากันไป. help us distribute food in remote places in Thailand. The recent operations in the provinces of Kanchanaburi and Tak last October 22 and 30 allowed us to provide food to different remote villages and schools in those areas. Aside from their medical assistance, we provided them with donated food so they can feed the people. With that, we were able to provide food to at least 500 people from those places.

Thanks to More Meat for donating 50kgs of healthy, plant-based meat. To Mister Duck for donating 20 pieces of ducks. To Malee Group for donating 400kgs of juices. And to MisterDonut for donating 1000 pieces of donuts. With your donation, you made many people, especially the kids, very happy. Thank you!

Salute also to these amazing volunteers who made the difficult journey possible, reaching places that are not easily accessible. Thanks for distributing the food and cooking for them as well. Thank you for your wonderful service to the people!