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Rescue Kitchen Online Fundraising Campaign on Taejai.com

We are now open for donations on Taejai.com, the donation platform for charitable and foundation activities. We opened the donation campaign from February until the end of April.

This online campaign is set up to support the rescue kitchen program operation and to support six community kitchens around Bangkok and providing cooked nutritious meals for more than 15 thousand people. Our goals are to reach 800,000 Baht before the end of the campaign. In the last period of this Rescue Kitchen Program Online Campaign, we would like to encourage every reader to support our cause. Taejai.com is a crowdfunding platform for charity activities with every donation can be used for Tax deductible.

Support our Rescue Kitchen Program through this donation channel, and all the support will be used to continuously maintain the Rescue Kitchen Program around Bangkok until the end of 2021. Click this link to start donating: https://taejai.com/th/d/sos_rescue_kitchen/