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SOS CNX Delivered Surplus Vegetables from the Royal Project to Sri Suphan Temple and communities

SOS Thailand always experiences a wonderful journey by helping the people. Up north, SOS Chiang Mai delivered 2,084kg, portioned up to 8,336 good quality vegetables from Chiang Mai Royal Project to Sri Suphan Temple and the nearby community.


The community itself consists of more than 500 people. Many are heavily affected by Covid-19, especially the vendors who worked in WuaLai Walking Street which has been closed for almost 2 years due to the economic downturn. This has been causing them a reduction of daily profits and they have less budget to purchase food and cooking material.


On the day of the Food Rescue Program at the temple, there were monks and followers from different districts who came for a meeting, so SOS took the golden opportunity by donating the goods for them to help them cope with the pandemic and give them nutrition. This at the same time could help SOS expand its influence and let more people know about us.


Even though it was a time and energy-consuming task where the staff had to reload and unload more than 2,000kg of food donation, SOS Chiang Mai had no complaint but very pleased to help the community in Chiang Mai, and will always be committed to helping the people in need in order to enhance the social welfare as well as basic security for our people to live without stress, and will always have nutritious food to consume for their stable development.


SOS Chiang Mai Tel: +(66)81-288-4762

Make a donation to SOS Chiang Mai

Bank: Kasikorn Bank

Account Number: 113-8-73967-4

Account Name: Scholars of Sustenance

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