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SOS Hua Hin Served More Than 16,000 Meals in June

Food distribution at Khang Khao community Soi 91 (besides railway) last month!

SOS Hua Hin has been operating in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan for 6 months now and has survived two challenging Covid outbreaks (2nd and 3rd wave). It’s a real test of determination, losing food donors due to lack of tourists, and distribution restrictions in different communities. And yet, we are still here!

But one person did not stop finding ways on how to collect good quality surplus food and continue feeding struggling communities that badly need food. Ton, who is leading our operation in Hua Hin to address food waste and hunger in Hua Hin, has really made a lot of progress over the past months.

He continued knocking on doors and despite numerous rejections, that did not stop him. From serving 4,700 meals in January, he has now served 19,700 meals last May. And as of June, he’s already served 16,000 meals in different communities. All of these were made possible by the support of different individuals (locals & ex-pats) who are either supporting us with food (cooked & uncooked) or volunteering their time to help us with our distribution. It has become an amazing community where different people are throwing their support towards one goal, and that is to support the people in need.

Ton’s goal this year, SOS Hua Hin’s first year, is to serve at least 300,000 meals in the province (currently at 73,400 meals). Being the only person who is doing all the work (collecting and distributing food, meeting donors and partners, organizing rescue kitchens and cook for SOS, maintaining our truck and cleaning our office & equipment, and doing all the admin work), he would appreciate any help he can get.

If you would like to support Ton in diff