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SOS Phuket continues helping communities affected by the loss of tourism and children center

A great story from SOS Phuket's Food Rescue Program in November


Tops, Family Mart, CPF, S&P, and Mister Donut have donated 235 kilograms (equals to 987 meals) of surplus food and good quality ingredients to us including cupcakes, donuts, milk, bread, cooked foods, and fresh fruits. We delivered these foods to the Baan Lipon community and the Phuket Juvenile Observation and Protection Center (JOPC).


The Baan Lipon community is located in the Thalang district of Phuket, which is a small old town with diverse residents of Chinese, Thai, and many foreign workers. They are one of the tourist attractions in Phuket, but since the COVID-19 outbreak, people in the community have been struggling with losing income. While the JOPC is located in Muang District, the director said that the children in the center become happier and smile more since SOS has been donating foods to them because they know that there are still people who care about them and will not leave them behind.


SOS would like to thank all donors for their contributions to this Food Rescue Program including Khun Jack who always delivers these delicious surplus foods to recipients in Phuket. Thank you!

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