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SOS Phuket Continues to Spread Hope to the Communities on the Island

SOS Foundation will continuously support vulnerable communities as long as there are people out there who need us. The situation is still worrying, there are people and families who are affected financially, and others directly affected by the pandemic making it hard to survive throughout the day. Therefore, let’s spread hope and encouragement to our people in Phuket.


In the past month, the SOS team in Phuket was actively contributing to Good Shepherd Learning Center, Phuket Protection children, and family, Phuket Protection center for Destitute, and Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation. Bread, food, snacks, milk, and drinks have been delivered to those places that consist of children, impoverished people, who need those meals and resources the most. They are delighted to receive the resources that support them during this difficult time.


Thank you to our volunteers for cooking the delicious food for people, as well as the SOS team that delivers them to the location.


Hence, more people and communities need our support more than ever during this situation. Whether it is bread, ingredient, dried or fresh food, or donation, all are important to support our SOS team in carrying on our journey to support more people.

Contact Jack, Food Rescue Manager Phuket through 081-950-8711

You can also support our SOS foundation directly through Taejai (Tax deductable)