SOS-Thailand Community Kitchen, Cooking for the youths in Juvenile Vocational centers

On 22 July 2020, Scholars of Sustenance with the collaboration of Baan Muthitha: Juvenile Vocational Training Center for Boys in Nakorn Prathom have set up the community kitchen and provided meals for 300 children in the facilities. “The noodles are a good change in that day, normally we provided standard Thai dishes with rice, but only special cases they will have noodle with soup, so today they are extra happy for this occasion,” vice-director of Baan Muthitha stated. During the discussion with staff and site observation, we can see that children here are in good treatment, hygienic with a great appetite.

Providing the supplies for whole facilities, and cooked a meal for the whole facilities, is the objective of our operation on that day. In Nakorn Prathom, there is at least 4 Juvenile vocational center that seeking supports from other parties, yet help rarely come for them.

Counting this community kitchen, we have worked with Juvenile Vocational Training Center for quite some time now, since before the COVID-19 period. This program cannot happen without the support donation of E-fu noodle from Bangkok Ranch Company Limited with 74 boxes of pre-made noodle which could feed at least servings 2,000 meals to the communities.

“It is a rare occasion for the Vocational Training Center will receive external donation due to the perception of being the government facilities, so people regularly shifted attention elsewhere,” one of the staff added. During this difficult time, supports are scarce, especially in Baan Muthitha. “we would like to serve not only a meal to sustain themselves, at Scholars of Sustenance serving a nutritious meal with an extra twist to the communities and people in need is the target,” Khun Tawee, food safety specialist of Scholars of Sustenance stated.


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