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SOS Thailand Has Received 2021 Donations from Agoda as a Part of Its Employees' Giving Back Scheme

Agoda has always been giving an opportunity to its employees or 'Agodans' around the world to give back and contributed to good causes. SOS was one of the three campaigns that Agodans supported last year in the light of Covid-19 pandemic.

Agodans are empowered to respond to their passions and give back to their communities through volunteering and giving. The company matched dollar for dollar, up to the first $5,000 in donations until August 20, 2021. And There was a $200 matching cap per donation via Benevity – a third-party site many US companies use to facilitate donations.

We are grateful to recently receive the 2021 monetary donation from Agoda in the amount that allowed us to provide more than 8,400 meals to the communities in need.

See more at: https://careersatagoda.com/giving/

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