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SOS Thailand New Members!!

SOS in Thailand has just increased its family members within the last three months. Now let's get to know them! (Starting from the top left to the down right).

KOOK: My name is Kook, I has been working in Operation department more than 13 years. I have never worked with foundation before but after getting an opportunity to work with SOS, I have always been wanting to adapt my hands on experiences to this foundation, hope they are useful! Even it's been only a couple months after I joined, I got a good feeling from knowing who we are working for and what impacts we are contributing to the communities. Glad to know that they are happy when we give them food and that we are making changes!

KIE: Hi beautiful people! I am Kie, an Assitstant Fundraising Manager at Thai SOS. It is a pleasure to be a part of this family with such kind-hearted soul. Very much look forward on how SOS makes a difference in the society, country, and to this world. Keep on the big vision and mission!!

TON: Ton is going to look after all the food rescue operations and help people in need over there!. Ton used to work on the Disney Cruise Line for more than 10 years in the hospitality operations department before he met us. His story and experience are very interesting as he told us that all the time that he worked on the cruise, he had to always exceed customers' expectations. The facilities, entertainment, and food must be all well prepared and perfect. These best offers, unfortunately, create a food waste problem, which most people did not realize about it. Ton said he saw lots of high quality and untouched food were thrown away - From that moment, he feels that it's not right, there must be a way to redistribute surplus food to people in need. After Ton came back to Thailand, he met us. And now, he will be leading our food rescue operations in Hua Hin. We believe that he will do his best!

EX: When I was studying Economics at Thammasat University, I dreamed of working with some natural resource management organization once in the future. Food waste management is another big trend in the world concerning with natural resource management. Thus, I didn't hesitate at all to take this chance working with the Scholars of Sustenance Foundation after I received the offer. I am excitedly looking forward to carry on to path called "zero hunger society"with SOS.

TAKTAI: Hi there, greetings from SOS back office! My name is Taktai, 3 months ago amidst the COVID-19 pandemic I was a fresh graduate from MUIC liberal arts faculty. It was a hard time indeed for everyone, not to mention an inexperience fresh graduate like myself. Finding a job seems to multiply in challenge, especially a decent one. Even still I manage to find one and it was much better than I could ever ask for, working with SOS has taught me, what years in any classroom cannot. To assist with the process of Operations by supplying crucial data and confidential reports, are my roles as a data admin for the SOS foundation. And I trust that life is not about thrusting yourself into the spotlight. Life here in SOS is about being exactly where each and every one of us like to be, knowing that our effort can help contribute even so little to the better tomorrow.

NIL: Hi, my name is Nil. I know that Food Rescue Ambassdor job is delicate and hard, but it is very fulfilling and allows me to bring the positive energy into life every single day from all parties among operations team, donors, and recipients.