7 Getting 30 Digital Volunteers for #EmptyYourPlate program Batch #2____ Target date March 15, 2021

SOS-Thailand Volunteer program Launch!

Call for Volunteer! In this year, SOS-Thailand are exploring the expansion on the volunteer recruitment. Introducing the faction systems in SOS-Volunteer programs, there are 8 main factions working in different cooperative environment. SOS offer the experience and exposure for anybody who would like to contribute their time and effort to the community and our organization. Online registration is required for any body who interested. We welcome both short-term and long-term volunteers with certification provided.

On 15th June, we have welcomed Khun Peach Pachara and his friends to in participating in our volunteer program and contributing his time on food rescue operation and taking part in redistributing food surplus to the community in needs, and it is more than just a riding a truck, it is the experience that you will see along the road and the smile of the communities. There are many more volunteer opportunities in our food rescue program if you interested in jumping on our truck, cooking for community, taking heartfelt photos, all are welcome in this program.

Join us in the journey to food equity in Thailand!

Online Sign up: http://bit.ly/sosvt20