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SOS Thailand was Invited to Join the Presentation and a Panel Discussion at the APEC 2022 Thailand

Mr. James Leyson, the Managing Director of SOS Thailand was invited to join the presentation and a panel discussion at the APEC 2022 Thailand on the topic "APEC Workshop on Enhancing Green MSMEs' Competitiveness for a Sustainable and Inclusive Asia - Pacific: Food Sector Waste Reduction in Food Supply Chain" at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok.


This workshop aimed to explore ways to enhance the food waste reduction for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the best practices from surplus food rescue organizations on reducing MSMEs’ surplus food.


Mr. James has shared SOS best practices and the recommendations for enhancing the reduction of food waste to MSMEs that are operating in APEC economies plus policymakers who are responsible for addressing the food waste problem to ensure the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDG)12.3.


We all were extremely honored to have the opportunity to share our experiences and cooperations within Thailand that are driving changes while helping society in this regard. #APEC2022THAILAND

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